Window Film Options

311 can supply and install window films from a comprehensive variety which can solve heat, glare, safety, security and privacy concerns

Solar Film

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Tottenham Hale Solar Film & Manifestation (Logos)Sheffield Privacy Film

311 offer an extensive range of solar films from standard silver reflective’s to clear coatings.

Silver reflective’s reduce heat and glare into buildings while clear coatings not only cut down the heat but also help reduce building costs which make properties more energy efficient.

Solar film can help alter G Values and also give a level of privacy ‘one-way’ (dependent on light levels).

We offer a range of both internal and external films along with silicone sealing

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Bomb Blast Film

To bolster your building security, safety film or bomb blast film can make the work or home environment more secure.

We offer film from 100micron – 300micron thick. There are also combination films which incorporate bomb blast with solar film or privacy film.

Within this range is a graffiti guard and glasstop protection product. With graffiti guard can be applied to protect glazing which might be in high traffic areas such as high street.

Once damaged the film can be removed and replaced saving costs on replacing the glass panels.

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Privacy/frosted Film

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Walthamstow Frosted Film (CE)London, SW9 Manifestation (Bands)

From standard frosted film right through to matching a RAL or Pantone colour.

311 can offer a whole host of solutions to adding full opaque privacy/translucent privacy films or even faded prints to give certain areas more peacefulness or just simply hide detail.

With most privacy films there is also the ability to add a design/logo or image onto the vinyl (see manifestation and graphics section).

All privacy films come with an external warranty.

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Signal Defence Film

This new age film is at the forefront of window film technology.

Clear (like bomb blast film) Signal Defence cuts all Bluetooth, Infra-Red & WiFi signals penetrating from outside of buildings protecting against cyber attacks. WiFi hacking and corporate espionage.

All with making the in-building WiFi run more efficiently.

Signal Defence is approved by the US Military and Pentagon and has over 28 metals within the film including gold, platinum and palladium!

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